"The sky is the limit only for those who are afraid to fly." - Bob Bello

On behalf of he Crew of the USS Saturn I ask that you please join me in supporting the Red Cross and their efforts in helping the citizens of the Southern United States as they recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. If you'd like to donate to the American Red Cross and you're in the United States please call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767). Know that your donation will help people rebuild and recover after this horrendous disaster.

Thank you,

Paul Clark/Eli Ross

Since its very beginning Bravo Fleet has always had one ship named Saturn. The last so named was an Ambassador Class ship. The history of this vessel and her crew has been etched in the memories of her former crew now spread throughout Star Fleet and beyond. In honor of her adventures a new ship has been given this name and now returns for new adventures deep within the Delta Quadrant.

The mission of this Rhode Island Class vessel is to seek out new life and civilizations in a quest to find new allies and old renew old ties forged by Voyager. We may be cut off from home, but we're not alone. Saturn and Task Force 38 will prevail as long as we remember who we are; Star Fleet Officers.

-Captain Elias Ross, Commanding Officer

Looking to create a lasting adventure? Want to war with Hirogen? Find new life? Plant a flag on a new uncharted planet? Join the Saturn today, let's see what we can create together!

Latest News Items

» Welcome to the Fold

Posted on Saturday August 26th, 2017 @ 1:31am by Captain Elias Ross in General News

Please Welcome to the fold Sarah and Ricky. They play Jaylin Vodor, Chief Medical Officer and Orakix, Chief Security and Tactical Officer respectfully.

Welcome you two to the team.

I can't wait to see what we can create together.

Paul/Eli Ross

» Welcome to the Fold

Posted on Friday August 25th, 2017 @ 6:56pm by Captain Elias Ross in Sim Announcement

Please Welcome Aaron to Saturn,

He will be playing our new Chief Engineer Tyvan "Ty" Naros. He brings with him years of simming experience and I can't wait to work with him the future.

Welcome Aaron,


» Domain Change

Posted on Tuesday August 8th, 2017 @ 10:59pm by Captain Elias Ross in General News


Please make sure to sign in to our new Domain name


That is all


Latest Mission Posts

» Sparing

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Posted on Thursday September 21st, 2017 @ 6:24pm by Crewman Shon Th'shynal & Ensign Jonathan Forrest

Jonathan hadn't really expected to see Anjar but had been overjoyed when he spotted him coming out of the shuttle. But, his happiness had been short-lived. He couldn't exactly deny the validity of Anjar's feelings, but that didn't make the rejection sting any less.

He was hurt, angry, disappointed, maybe…

» Troubled Dreams

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Posted on Thursday September 21st, 2017 @ 2:25pm by Lieutenant Tyvan Naros

Ty's quarters were still spartan and spare, lacking any personal touches as yet. He didn't have anything that meant something to him to keep around out here in the Delta Quadrant, so the walls and tables were bare. There weren't any potted plants, no mementos, not even a stack of…

» Bon Voyage Part Four

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Posted on Wednesday September 20th, 2017 @ 7:45pm by Ensign Jonathan Forrest

/=\Forrest-Samuels Home Three Years Ago/=\

Previously in Part Three

Please, don't be mad." They had graduated from Mission High School, Anjar and Jonathan had broken up, there was nothing to protect anymore. "The first month we were here, Jonathan encouraged me to ask out this boy I liked, and I…

» Crew Physical - Elias Ross - Captain

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Posted on Monday September 18th, 2017 @ 11:57pm by Captain Elias Ross & Lieutenant Commander Jaylin Vodor


Captain Ross entered Sickbay. Though he wasn't the last person to get his physical. He definitely wasn't the first. He took a long look of the room before a nurse gently pulled him by the arm and silently told Eli to take a seat on a bio bed. "Um,…

» Bon Voyage Part Three

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Posted on Monday September 18th, 2017 @ 11:22pm by Ensign Jonathan Forrest

/=\ Forrest-Samuels Home Three Years Ago/=\Anjar beat both Marcie and Angela to Jonathan. He grabbed Jonathan by the arms, trying to force him off of Xavier. Jonathan was bigger and stronger but Xavier struggled then maybe he could get free. "You've made your point, Jonathan. Let him go."

With his…

Latest Personal Logs

» Unpacking after arrival

Posted on Monday September 18th, 2017 @ 11:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Ellis Gordon

Computer, Encode Personal Log Gordon under voice print authorization.

I’ve arrived on the USS Saturn. I left Persephone Colony with one duffle bag. One has to travel light with Intelligence. Even the stuff I carried along to this assignment might be considered too much. An old photo of Toni at…

» I have to move on

Posted on Wednesday September 6th, 2017 @ 9:56am by Lieutenant Commander Aeryn Kelan

"Computer, start log AerynKelan 1029

I arrived earlier today, and met with the Captain and a few other crew members. I have not had the chance to even go to my diplomatic office settle in the counselling office. I am not sure if I would have staff or not. I…

» Ops Log #1

Posted on Tuesday August 29th, 2017 @ 9:16am by Ensign Dehvon Raynah


Operations log stardate: 65659.3, Ensign Dehvon Raynah recording. I haven't met with any of the new crew yet but they seem to be doing rather well. Captain Ross has seen fit to promote me to Chief of Operations for this ship and I am thankful for him doing so.…

» Thoughts About Things

Posted on Saturday August 26th, 2017 @ 8:57am by Commander Jordyn Elbrun DSci

First Officer's log: 65651.1: I am settling into the USS Saturn quite nicely. I've already met the captain and find him to be an amiable fellow. He seems very dedicated to his ship, its crew and the mission. We are currently waiting for the rest of our crew to come…

» Personal Log Stardate <<>>; Arrival

Posted on Saturday August 26th, 2017 @ 5:37am by Lieutenant Orakix Of Remus

I have arrived upon the USS Saturn. I haven't yet had a chance to settle in and already I'm beset by issues. It would appear that the phaser array has not had a diagnostic run on it for some time. I will have to have words with the Chief Engineer…